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100 Letters: June

Are letters still cool? Were they ever? We’ve probably written almost a hundred letters by now, we adore them so much. (Forgive us for that slight exaggeration but now you get how much we love letters.) Anyway, you may have noticed that we were MIA for a little while. We took a step away from Seek & Revel during our Junior year of undergrad. We’ve missed rambling on the internet! Can you believe it’s June already!? Time is flying…

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on the blog. This blogging thing is a lot of fun…but it isn’t easy. We’re really  passionate about sharing our voices but are also really new to it, it’s easy to get deterred. We’ve been on a bit of learning curve but now we’re back and more motivated than ever. How are you? We hope we haven’t missed out on too much! There is so much we have to tell you. We have TWO new blog posts live on Seek & Revel now, check it out!

While we were planning out new blog posts for the Summer, I thought it would be a cool idea to write letters to our internet friends about general life and talk all the things that makes us us and you you. Brionna and I truly want to know the person getting through our weekly rambles.

As you may know already, we are The Duo but here’s a few things you may not have known about us.

  • Brionna and I are twin sisters who attend college in Chicago as Creative Writing students. We write fiction, poetry, letters, and unnecessarily long emails. You’ll probably never get just one sentence out of us.
  • We have three younger siblings and we’re borderline obsessed with our family.
  •  There’s no taking our youth away. Brionna and I  are still obsessed with children’s animated films because we are a hybrid breed of ‘baby adults’.
  • Documentaries on topics from marine life to conspiracy theories takes up half of our Netflix library.

I don’t genuinely know if letters ever have a single topic (or if they should) but I do know that mine rarely ever do, and I like it that way. I like the idea of not planning a single word out and letting whatever happen. Would that be okay with you? Could I ramble to you without ever having the slightest clue where the conversation ends? I promise our actual blog posts will always be more structured but easing back into this week with something like this felt good. I hope you feel inspired to ramble to me.

Will you keep this conversation going? Tell me everything in the comment section below.
Til’ next time,

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