How to: Need Help Getting Creative Inspiration

Are you having trouble finding creative inspiration? Are you having trouble going after any goals you may currently have? Does it feel like you’ve hit a wall and you’ll never move past it? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

      Rather you’re in high school, nearly graduating college (me) or already deep into your career, we all can admit that sometimes we lose that spark in our endeavors, especially when we’ve been working so hard and it begins to take its toll on us. If you feel as though your job isn’t creative, this post is dedicated to you.

     A couple of weeks ago I was having a terrible time trying to make a post, write a poem, start my book, fix a meal. Everything seemed like a drag to me and my mood was complete rubbish. If you know me, then you know I’m already a quiet person, add on a serving of moody uninspired feelings and I’m practical mute and despondent. However, I am one stubborn and driven young lady and I don’t stay down for long.

So, I do a few things to get inspired, they’ll help you too!

  1. Watch a movie with your favorite actor/actress or someone who inspires you. (Ex. Robin Williams inspires me like no else, so, I watched Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society and cried my eyes out but got super inspired to be honest and vulnerable in my work.)
  2. Watch someone who inspires you speak about something that inspires them. (Ex. Jim Carrey is funny but well spoken when passionate, I watched this YouTube video and I was buzzing with energy and emotion by the end of it.) 
  3. Write down every idea (small or big) floating around in your head, look at that list, figure out what is making you believe those ideas are impossible. Is it because you’re unmotivated or because although it’s a great idea, you don’t want to do it? Sort through those and boom! You know what to do.
  4. Go to a museum, closest body of water near you or your favorite one, get some fresh air, try a new meal or restaurant. Go somewhere you’ve never been, see something you’ve never seen, people watch. (The way others interact with each other is interesting and unique.)
  5. Listen to a podcasts (or 2) or music, exercise. Get active, get that blood flowing.  

What are some ways you get inspired? I loved to hear you ideas in the comments below, you can also find some of my favorite quotes from stated movies and actors below. Enjoy!



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