Your Twenties: Your Peak and Demise

Goodbye my quirky teenage years and hello to my twenties! As you all know, Brionna and I recently turned twenty years old. Surprisingly enough, nothing has changed though. I enjoyed the euphoria that comes with celebrating your birthday for all 24 hours of it. The next day, however, I could have been nineteen again. It’s easy to say that not much happens between each year of life at first glance, but when I sat down and thought about it, I was inspired to write.

What’s so exciting about your twenties? Several people congratulated me on making it to the fun part of growing up; others wished me good luck. Are your twenties that much fun? Is it that terrible? Could it be both? I’ve started to look at my impending peak and demise and decided to call it my: tumultuous twenties.  In life, I’ve come to realize there is a natural ebb and flow; you can’t have the good without the bad.

So I decided to talk to some of my older friends and family about the topic at hand. I asked them two questions: What is one thing you think everyone should know about their twenties? What do you wish you’d known then? Here’s what they said:

  • My aunt and uncle wished they’d known how important is it to manage your money; how to save, maintain healthy credit. My uncle also stressed how important it is to actually love the career path you decide on, so that your job never actually feels like work and to focus on your growth in that field.
  • A friend of mine kept it short and sweet: He wished he had known to explore all his talents and potential.
  • My parents were focused on furthering your education and working hard towards your career goals so that you could enjoy a better and financially stable life later on. My mother’s exact words were “Take care of the business first so you can enjoy later.”
  • Sandra, my mentor reminded that there is no rhyme or reason to how life works. What you envision for your life may not become reality and that’s okay. “Take advantage of opportunities and enjoy the ride.”

Their words hold depth and I am grateful for them, however, I still have questions.  Do we gain healthier coping mechanisms? What are our friendships like? Is everyday a battle for confidence? Personally, I am very good at focusing on career goals and my education. I love being a student and life is a very good teacher. I keep telling myself that maybe my twenties will simply be learning how to dance in the rain.

Are you in your twenties? Turning twenty soon? What are you looking forward to? What should I know?

I have so much more to talk about with this topic, maybe I’ll turn it into a series of post. Until next time, let’s chat in the comments down below!

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  • Seek and Revel

    Some more words of wisdom from family: My name is Geraldine Cobb and l will be 73 in April. I would like to comment on: ~What l Wish l Had Known At Age Twenty~ When l got out of high school at the age of sixteen l wanted to get a career by joining the Arm Forces and be a WAC. This didn’t happen because my mother would not sign the papers for me to enlist. So by the time l was twenty years old l was in an unhappy marriage and had a one year old baby. I regretted at that time not pursuing a career or continuing in my education. I should have followed my dream and not be looking for love in all the wrong places. At twenty years old life is just beginning for you before you transcend into adulthood at twenty one years old. Follow your dreams and when you get a job or career make sure it is one that you really enjoy and don’t mind showing up as scheduled. I took up being a seamstress in high school and l used to love going to work and being one with my industrial Singer sewing machine. Life is too short not to be happy on it.

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