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Grateful for You: GratiTuesday

Gratitude | noun | the state of being grateful or thankful.

  Here on Seek & Revel, we believe that it is so important to express our gratitude. We don’t believe in waiting for the ‘right’ moment to say the thing. If you love someone or something, we think you should make it known. We sometimes focus too much on the negative. We focus so much on what makes us feel less than, that we often don’t celebrate what uplifts us. So we decided to make a practice of shining light on the positive. “Gratituesday” is not a new concept. We were first introduced to the hashtag on Sophia Bush’s Instagram a few years ago. Here is one day out of the week that we can consciously celebrate the things that light us up in the best way.

  However, we didn’t want this weekly practice to only be about our motivators. Our Gratituesday posts will invite voices from within our community of friends and family to join in on the conversation. We also invite you to comment weekly on these posts. There are so many things we have to be grateful for; family, friends, food, luxury things, life itself. Each week, through conversational interviews, we will discuss a brand new topic with a different voice in hopes that it’ll bring some positivity and insight into the week.

  For our very first post of this series, I briefly wanted to discuss my gratitude for all forms of communication. Language, social media, books, etc. are all outlets that Brionna and I use to express ourselves. I am so thankful for this website that my sister and I dreamt up so long ago and only just now published to the world. It is because we have this outlet to express ourselves that we’ve gotten to meet new people and challenge ourselves in our daily lives. As an introverted writer, I can live in my own world with people who are entirely made up and therefore I tend to be comfortable in my solitude. Choosing to sit down and write out my thoughts to share on a platform opens me up to a world of people I otherwise miss while my heads in a laptop screen or book.

  Brionna and I are so grateful for you. Thank you for deciding to check out our website and dive into the many happenings of our mind. It means the world to us to have your support and we hope you always know that.

What are some of the things you’re grateful for? Are you looking forward to this series? Let us know below in the comments!

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  • Kristen

    What a great idea! My personal gratitude practice has done so much for my well-being. Making it a community practice I’m sure will help many more people. Thank you for starting this!

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