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Favorites: Podcasts We Enjoy

The year is 2018 and the internet is both the bane and blessing of our existence. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other social media platforms fill our day between the monotonous tasks of life. How are we staying informed, enlightened, and fulfilled between watching cat videos and mindlessly scrolling through feeds? Podcasts? Yes.

If you are anything like us and you feel the need to get away from the sometimes mindless cycle of social media, you refer to books, music, television, blogs, News sites, and podcasts. Sometimes, we just need a little more depth in the hobbies we indulge ourselves in. Recently, one of our favorite ways to pass the time and avoid looking at the screen of our phones is listening to Podcasts. It’s such a nice way to wind down from a busy day. We’ve gotten into the habit of getting cozy, grabbing a snack and letting the audio play on a Bluetooth speaker while our phones are placed farther away from us. Other times, if we’re not together, a podcast makes the journey alone go by quicker. Most of the following podcasts can be found on Apple Podcast App and SoundCloud

Here’s a few of our favorite podcasts to listen to:

  1. Oprah’s Super Soul  Conversations | Topics: Society & Culture, Interviews
  2. That’s So Retrograde  | Topics: Health & Wellness, Interviews
  3. On Being with Krista Tippett | Topics: Society & Culture, Interviews 
  4. Let’s Talk About It With Taylor Nolan | Topics: Ethnicity, Emotional Intelligence, Relationships
What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen to? Leave it in the comments below.

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