2018: These Are My Intentions

These are my intentions. 2018, I’ve got big plans for you and I my friend. So, I have vowed to never, ever make new year’s resolutions ever again. Every time I make them, they never end up happening or I start and never finish. I won’t put that pressure on me or my journal again (it’s such a waste of good paper). I’ve decided to set my intentions for 2018 instead, intentions, somehow are easier for me to maintain or think about. Plus, the whole holding yourself accountable and having my friends (and you all) help me stay accountable is SO very helpful. *Using my award speaker voice*

These are the nominees for… I mean, here are  my intentions for the year of 2018.

  1. Create Seek and Revel with Tionna, make it beautiful honey! Keep at it.
  2. Speak out more.
  3. Take more pictures. (Don’t you want something to show your nieces and nephews how cool you were back in the day and jog your memory.
  4. Create more, do what you can and then some. (In my resolutions, it would always be deadlines and number to meet, not this time. HA)
  5. Turn 20 and tell everyone you’re twenty-teen.
  6. Read more books, watch more movies and go outside more (Go further than Chicago and Cleveland).


Those are my vague yet detailed enough intentions for 2018, no pressure Bri (she assures herself.). Could you help, by keeping me accountable throughout this year please. You can do that by commenting on this post, emailing or  instagram, facebook and twitter. (@seekandrevel) I’d also love to keep you accountable this year too, so, if you’d like to share your intentions with me, please DO!

Until then,

I go to Seek a great perhaps. x B

(Ps, if you read the title sining Usher “Confessions“, I love you.)

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